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 Dealer Name
 G Equipment LLC
 G L Sayre Inc
 G Stone Commercial
 G&J Truck Sales
 Gabrielli Truck Sales of Connecticut, LLC
 Gainesville Truck Center
 Garcia Truck and Bus Sales of Florida Inc.
 Gateway Truck & Refrigeration
 Gateway Volvo
 Gator Truck Sales
 GATR Truck Center
 GATR Truck Center
 GE Trailer Fleet Services
 General GMC Truck Sales
 General Truck Equipment
 General Truck Sales
 General Truck Sales
 Geneva Logistics Inc
 Geneva Truck & Equipment
 Genuine Sales Co
 Georgia Elite Trucks
 Georgia Motor Trucks
 Georgia Trailer Sales Inc
 GFC & W Used Truck Sales
 Giant Equipment LLC
 Giant Storage Trailer Rental
 Gibbs Truck Center
 Gilbert Truck Center
 Ginn Commercial Fleet
 Global Truck Sales
 Global Truck Traders, Inc
 Glockner Truck Plaza
 Glover Truck & Trailer Sales
 Glovers Heavy Duty
 GM Trucks & Equipment Inc
 Goddard Equipment, LLC
 Goebel Equipment Inc
 Golden Gate Truck Center
 Golden State Truck Sales, Inc.
 Goodman Truck & Tractor
 Goodpasture Motor Co Inc
 Goodwins Truck and Equipment
 Gordon Truck Centers
 Grand Rapids Truck Center
 Grand River Sales LLC
 Grande Truck Center
 Great Dane Trailers
 Great Dane Trailers (Houston)
 Great Dane Trailers of Knoxville
 Great Lakes Equipment & Truck Sales
 Great Lakes Peterbilt
 Great Lakes Truck Center of Monroeville
 Great Lakes Utility Trailer
 Great Lakes Western Star
 Grovers All Wheels LLC
 GT Used Trucks
 GTG Peterbilt
 Gulf City Body & Trailer
 Gulf Coast Truck & Equipment
 Gulf Coast Truck And Equipment
 Gulf Coast Truck and Equipment
 H & H Mack Sales, Inc.
 H & L Mack Truck Sales Inc.
 H & S Truck Sales
 H. K. Truck Center
 H.G. Violet Equipment
 Haber Truck and Trailer Sales LLC
 Hager Motors
 Hagerman Truck Parts
 Hall Truck Center
 Hall Truck Sales
 Hallahan Truck Center
 Hamid Export Inc
 Hammer Truck Sales
 Hampton Truck & Equipment Sales
 Hansen International Truck
 Harbine Truck Sales
 Hardee Truck & Equipment
 Harlows Truck Center
 Hauser Truck Sales
 Hawkeye Truck Sales Inc
 HBR Truck Sales
 Heald Truck & Auto Sales corp
 Heartland Truck Exchange
 Heartland Truck LLC
 Heartland Used Truck Sales
 Heck Sales and Locating
 Henson Truck Sales
 Heritage Equipment
 Hernandez Truck & Equipment Sales
 Herrmann International
 HES Equipment
 High Plains Truck & Trailer
 Highland Transport
 Highway Motors
 Highway Trailer Sales
 Hill International Trucks LLC
 Hillcrest Trucks & Trailer LLC
 Hills Stainless Steel
 Hilltop Truck
 Hines Brothers International
 Hodges Westside Truck Center
 Hoffer Truck Co
 Hogan Motor Leasing, Inc.
 Holbert Trailer Sales
 Holley Sales Inc.
 Holliston Truck & Equipment
 Holst Truck Parts
 Holt Truck Center
 Hoosier Truck Sales
 Hoover Truck Centers
 Horwith Freightliner Inc
 Housby Trucks
 House of Trucks - Rush Enterprises
 House of Trucks-Rush Truck Center
 House of Trucks-Rush Truck Center
 House of Trucks-Rush Truck Center
 Houston Trailer Sales, Inc.
 Hoyts Truck Center
 HPA Monon
 Htaew 4
 Htaew Members
 Hubman Truck Sales
 Hudson County Motors
 Hudsonville Trailer
 Hughes Motors
 Hunter Buffalo Peterbilt
 Hunter Keystone Peterbilt
 Hunter Truck
 Hunter Truck Corporation
 Hyundai Translead

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