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Dealer Name Contact Person Phone Listings
C R Truck Sales      
C & D Enterprises LLC      
C & H Truck Sales      
C J & J Leasing      
C N T Truck & Export      
C.H. Brown Co.      
Caesars Creek Truck & Equipment      
CAG Truck Capital      
Calan Sales & Services LLC      
Caledonia Diesel LLC      
California Truck and Trailer Sales      
Calzona Enterprises      
Cambria Truck Center      
Camden Truck Parts      
Capital Ford Inc      
Capital Truck & Equipment Co      
Capital Truck, Inc      
Capital Volvo Truck & Trailer      
Capitol City Trailers, Inc.      
Capitol Freightliner      
Carco Rentals      
Cardinal International      
Carolina International Trucks Inc      
Carolina Truck Sales      
Carpet Trailer Sales      
Carrier Truck Centers      
Carrier Truck Sales      
Carters Truck Equipment Sales      
Cartwright Trailer Sales      
Castle Sales & Leasing Corp      
CC Truck Sales LLC      
CDL Truck Solutions      
Cedar Rapids Truck Center      
Cen Dak Leasing      
Central California Truck and Trailer Sales      
Central Illinois Trucks      
Central Illinois Trucks Inc      
Central Illinois Trucks Inc - Spfld      
Central Iowa Truck Sales, Inc.      
Central Trailer Service      
Central Truck Center      
Centre State International      
Centre State International      
Centre State International Trucks, Inc.      
Century Trailer Sales      
Century Truck & Equipment, Inc.      
Century Truck & Trailer      
Cerni Motor Sales      
Cerni Motor Sales Inc      
Cerni Motors      
Champion Truck & Trailer Inc      
Champion Truck And Trailer      
Champlain Peterbilt      
Chapman Chevrolet Isuzu      
Cherry Truck Sales      
Chesapeake Ford Truck Sales      
Chicago Mack      
Christensen Used Truck Sales      
Christopher Trucks      
Chuck Henry Sales Inc      
Chuck Henry Sales, Inc.      
Churneys Truck Center      
Circle C Truck & Equipment Sales      
CIT Trucks LLC LaSalle IL      
CIT Trucks LLC Normal IL      
CIT Trucks LLC Troy IL      
Clarks Truck Center      
Clary Automotive Inc      
Class 8 Truck Sales      
Cleveland Mack Sales & Service      
Coast Cities Truck & Equipment Sales Inc      
Coast Counties Peterbilt      
Cobble Hill Trailer Sales      
Cobra Truck Sales & Equipment      
Coffman International      
Coffman Truck Sales      
Coldiron Companies      
Colonial Volvo Truck Sales      
Columbia Freightliner Sales      
Commercial Equipment Services      
Commercial Truck Sales Inc      
Commercial Trucks & Equipment Inc      
Compass Truck Sales      
Conley Transport II Inc      
Construction Trailer Specialists      
Construction Truck & Trailer Inc      
Continental Truck Sales      
Contract Leasing Corp      
Cooper Truck Center      
Coopersburg Kenworth      
Cord Trucks      
Corkys Truck & Equipment      
Corley-Wetsel Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star      
Cornhusker International Trucks      
Corpus Christi Freightliner      
Correct Truck & Trailer Inc      
Cottrell Truck & Equipment      
Country Supply Inc      
Country Truck Sales Inc      
Courtesy Ford      
Courtland Waste Handling Inc.      
Cowboyz Equipment Truck & Trailer Inc      
Cox Truck & Equipment Sales      
Craftsmen Industries Inc      
Crawford Truck & Equipment      
Crawford Truck Sales      
Crechale Auctions & Sales      
Crescent Ford Volvo Sterling Truck Sales      
Crook Motor Co.      
Crook Motor Company      
Crossroads Trailer Sales      
Crows Truck Center      
CRTS Inc      
CT Sales LLC      
CTL Truck Sales      
Cullman Truck Sales      
Cumberland International Trucks Inc      
Cumberland Truck Equipment Co      
Cummings Leasing Inc      
Curtis & Sons Sales LLC      
Curts Trk & Diesel Service Inc      
Custom Truck & Equipment LLC Ft. Worth      
Custom Truck 1 Source      
Custom Truck One Source      
D & B Trucks & Equipment Sales      
D & D Trailer Sales LLC      
D & D Truck Sales      
D & K Truck Co      
D & M Truck Equipment Sales      
D & R Wholesale Equipment      
D & S Trucks LLC      
D C Truck & Equipment Sales      
Dahlke Trailer Sales & Leasing      
Daigle & Houghton      
Daimler Trucks North America      
Dakota Country Trucks      
Dales Truck Parts Inc      
Dales Truck Sales      
Dallas Trailer & Equipment Sales      
Damiron Truck Center      
Dan DeWald Inc      
Danco Trailers      
Dans Truck Equipment      
Dario Diesel Volvo      
Datascan Administrator      
Dave Syverson Truck Center      
Davenport Truck Sales      
David Cook Trucks & Equipment      
David Lee Truck & Trailer Sales      
DDH Inc      
De Bauche Truck & Diesel      
Dealers Choice Truck Sales      
Debary Truck Sales      
Decatur Mack      
Decatur Truck & Trailer Sales      
Deep South Truck & Equipment Sales Inc      
Defiance Truck Sales & Service      
Degel Truck Center      
Del Val International      
Deland Truck Center      
Delmarva Kenworth      
Denver East Machinery CO      
Denver Truck Sales      
Derby Hill Equipment      
Des Moines Truck and Trailer Sales LLC      
Devillier Truck Sales, Inc.      
Dewayne Higgins Trucking      
DFW Truck & Trailer Sales Inc      
Diamond Sales & Service      
Diamond T Truck & Trailer Inc      
Diamond Trail Sales      
Diamond Truck Sales Inc      
Dick Kelly Truck Sales      
Diesel Depot      
Diesel Man Truck Center, LLC      
Diesel Performance      
Diesel Truck Sales Inc      
Dillman Enterprises Inc      
Dimond Quebec Inc.      
Dion International Truck LLC      
Diversified Transportation Solutions, Inc      
Diversified Truck & Equipment Sales      
DL Campbell Used Cars & Trucks      
DLH Enterprises Inc      
Dodge City International      
Doggett Freightliner      
Don Baskin Truck Sales      
Don Dens Sales Inc      
Don Heyl Co LLC      
Don Van Orden Equipment, Inc.      
Dongola Truck Sales      
Dons Truck Sales      
Doonan Peterbilt of Hays      
Dorr Truck Sales      
Double A Trailer Sales Inc      
Drake Truck Sales      
DRS Truck Sales      
DTI Trucks Inc      
Duncan and Son Lines Inc      
Dunn Truck & Trailer Sales      
Durbens Mack Truck Service      

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