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Dealer Name Contact Person Phone Listings
O Halloran International      
O Halloran International      
Oakley Equipment      
Ocean Truck Sales      
OConner Motor Company      
OConnor Motor Company      
Ohio Truck Sales      
Olathe Ford      
Old Mill Truck Sales Inc      
Old Republic Financial Acceptance Corp.      
Old River Truck Sales      
Olinger Sales & Service Inc      
Oliver Truck Center      
Omaha Track Equipment      
Omni Trailer Rental      
Opperman & Son Trucks Sales & Service      
Orlando Freightliner      
Otay Truck Sales      
OTR Leasing      
Ottsville Truck Center      
Outback Holdings      
Ozark Utility      
P & M Truck Sales      
P & S Trucks & Parts Inc      
P.S. Marston      
PACCAR Financial      
PACCAR Financial Used Equipment      
Paccar Leasing Company      
Pace Trailer Sales & Service      
Pacific Truck Sales      
Pacifico Commercial Vehicles      
Packer City International Trucks      
Palm Peterbilt Truck Centers      
Palmer Trucks of Evansville      
Pampered Coach Auto & Truck Center      
Pape Kenworth      
Pape Kenworth      
Pape Kenworth      
Pape Kenworth      
Pape Kenworth      
Pape Machinery      
Paragon Trailer Center      
Parker Bros Used Truck Sales      
Pasco Fleet Sales LLC      
Patriot Truck Sales      
Pavelka Truck & Trailer      
Peach State Truck Centers      
Peach State Truck Centers      
Pecru Group LLC      
Pedigree Equipment Truck Sales      
Pedigree Equipment Truck Sales      
Penny Armstrong      
Penske Truck Leasing      
Penske Truck Leasing      
Performace Truck      
Performance Capital Corporation      
Performance Mack      
Performance Peterbilt      
Performance Petetbilt of Albany      
Performance Trailer      
Performance Truck      
Performance Truck      
Perry Ford Truck Center, National City      
Peterbilt Motors Company      
Peterbilt of Wisconsin      
Peterbilt Of Atlanta      
Peterbilt of Baltimore      
Peterbilt of Cincinnati      
Peterbilt Of Council Bluffs      
Peterbilt of Des Moines      
Peterbilt of Ft Smith      
Peterbilt of Garden City      
Peterbilt of Greenville      
Peterbilt of Joplin      
Peterbilt Of La Cross      
Peterbilt Of Lafayette      
Peterbilt of Las Vegas      
Peterbilt of Louisiana LLC      
Peterbilt of Louisville      
Peterbilt of Norfolk      
Peterbilt of of Florence      
Peterbilt of Ontario Inc      
Peterbilt of Raleigh      
Peterbilt of St Louis      
Peterbilt of Utah      
Peterbilt of Wyoming-Casper      
Peterbilt Truck Center of Jackson      
Peterbilt Truck Center of Savannah      
Peterbilt Truck Centers of Memphis      
Peterbilt Truck Parts And Equipment      
Peterson Motor Co      
Peterson Truck Center      
Peterson Trucks      
Phelps Truck Sales      
Philadelphia International UTC      
Piedmont Peterbilt      
Piedmont Truck Center      
Pinnacle Trailer Sales      
Pinnacle Truck & Trailer Sales      
Pioneer Equipment Sales, Inc.      
Pioneer Truck & Equipment Sales      
Pioneer Truck Sales      
Platinum Truck & Equipment      
Platinum Truck Sales      
Plaza Truck Service      
Polar Service Center      
Polar Tank Trailer      
Porter Truck Sales LP (Dallas)      
Porter Truck Sales LP (Houston)      
Portland North Truck Center      
Portside Truck Sales      
Powell Equipment Inc      
Powell Truck Sales      
Powells Truck & Equipment Inc      
Powers Truck & Trailer Sales      
Pozzo Truck Center      
Prairie Trailer      
Prairie Truck Sales      
Preferred Truck & Trailer Sales LLC      
Premier Peterbilt Inc      
Premier Truck Group Amarillo      
Premier Truck Group Chattanooga      
Premier Truck Group Dallas (South)      
Premier Truck Group Fort Worth      
Premier Truck Group Knoxville      
Premier Truck Group Tulsa      
Premier Truck Sales      
Prestegard Farms      
Price International      
Pride Transport      
Prime Time Equipment      
Prime Trailer Leasing, Inc.      
Pro Equipment Sales      
Public Service Truck Renting Inc      
Pure Trucks      

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