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Dealer Name Contact Person Phone Listings
107 Truck & Equipment Sales      
18 Wheeler Truck & Trailer Sales Inc      
1st Source Bank-SFG      
202 Truck & Equipment Sales      
27th Trucks Inc      
304 Truck & Trailer Sales      
45 Truck Sales      
5 Star Truck Sales      
7E Sales LLC      
A & L Truck Sales      
A Better Used Trux      
A.D. Transport Express      
AA Diesel Truck & Equipment Inc      
Aaron Supreme      
Aarons Truck & Equipment      
AB Performance Group LLC      
Abbott Truck Sales Inc      
ABC Truck & Equipment      
ABEL Truck Sales      
Abers Truck Center      
ACT Research Co., LLC      
Action Equipment      
Action Truck Center      
Active Truck Sales & Parts      
Adesa Heavy Duty Truck Auctions      
Advantage Transportation Equipment      
Advantage Truck      
Advantage Truck Center      
Advantage Truck Sales      
Advantge Truck Group-Westminster      
Affinity Truck Center (Bakersfield)      
Affinity Truck Center (Fresno)      
Affordable Trucks & Equipment Inc      
AG Select Truck & Trailer      
AIM NationaLease      
AK Truck & Trailer Sales      
Alamo Truck Sales LLC      
Albany Mack Sales      
Albuquerque Freightliner Western Star      
All Florida Truck Sales Inc      
All Services Inc      
All Truck Parts & Equipment Co. LLC      
All Truck Sales      
All Truck Sales      
Allen Trailer Sales      
Allen Truck Sales, Inc.      
Alliance International      
Alliance Motors Inc      
Alliance Refuse Trucks      
Allstate Fleet & Equipment Sales of Houston      
Allstate Peterbilt Group      
Allstate Peterbilt of Fargo      
Allstate Peterbilt Superior Duluth      
Allstate Sales and Leasing      
Allstate Truck Sales Inc      
Almenares Equipment Sales Inc      
Alpo Group Inc      
Altavista Truck & Equipment      
Altorfer CAT Inc      
AM Fleet Service      
American Acceptance Truck Sales      
American Bobtail Inc. dba Isuzu Trucks of Rockwall      
American Commercial Equipment Leasing LLC      
American Equipment & Trailer      
American Leasing Co      
American Motors      
American Trailer & Storage      
American Trailer Exchange      
American Trailer Sales      
American Truck And Equipment      
American Truck Sales & Salvage Inc      
American Truck Sales Inc      
American Truck Store, LLC      
Ameritrans Equipment Solutions      
Ameritruck LLC      
Amigo Truck Ltd      
Andy Mohr Truck Center      
Annexus Storage and Cartage, Inc      
Anything In Motion Inc/Bolingbrook Trucks      
Appalachian Enterprises LLC      
Appell Equipment      
AR Semi Trailer Specialists LLC      
Arizona Commercial Truck Sales      
Arkansas Trailer      
Arkel Motors Inc      
Arrow Truck Sales      
Arrow Truck Sales (Atlanta,Ga)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Chicago, IL)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Cincinnati, OH)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Corporate)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Dallas,TX)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Fontana, CA)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Houston, TX)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Jacksonville, FL)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Kansas City, MO)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Minneapolis, Mn)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Newark, NJ)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Philadelphia, PA)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Phoenix, AZ)      
Arrow Truck Sales (San Antonio, TX)      
Arrow Truck Sales (St.Louis, MO)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Stockton, CA)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Tampa)      
Arrow Truck Sales (Toronto, Ontario)      
Arrow Truck Sales, Inc      
Artex Truck Center      
Arthur Glick Truck Sales      
Arthur Trovei And Sons Inc.      
Arts Truck & Equipment      
Asmus Motors Inc      
Associated Fleet Corp      
Astleford International      
At Liberty Sales & Leasing      
ATD/NADA Official Commercial Truck Guide      
Ater Warehouse      
Atkinson Truck Sales      
Atlantic Coast Trailer Sales      
Atlantic Great Dane Inc      
Atlantic Star Trailers      
Atlas Truck Sales      
Austin Truck Sales      
Automotive Fleet Enterprises      
Automotive Fleet Enterprises      
Automotive Rentals, Inc.      
Autow NationaLease Truck Rental      
Avilas Truck Sales      
Azjor Truck and Equipment      
B & B Truck Sales      
B & D Trucks Inc      
B & J Truck Sales      
B Js Gears & Truck Sales      
Badger Truck Center      
Badger Utility      
Baez Truck Sales LLC      
Bale Chevrolet Company      
Ball Volvo & Gmc Trucks      
Ballard Truck Center      
Ballard Truck Center of Springfield      
Baltimore Freightliner      
Baltimore Mack (Haggerstown)      
Bangor Truck & Trailer Sales      
Bare Truck Center      
Barlow Work Trucks      
Baskins Inc.      
Bass Truck Center      
Battlefield Ford Truck Center      
Bay State Truck & Trailer      
Bayshore Ford      
BBS Truck      
BDS Truck & Equipment Sales      
Beall Trailers of Arizona      
Beam Mack Sales & Service, Inc.      
Beaumont Freightliner      
Beaver Truck Centre      
Becks Truck & Equip/dba American Truck Center LLC      
BEI Trailer & Container Sales      
Bellamy Strickland Commercial Trucks      
Belleville Truck Centre      
Beltway Companies (Frederick)      
Beltway International (Baltimore)      
Ben Funk Inc      
Benson International      
Bentley Truck Services      
Berger Truck Sales      
Bergeys Truck Center      
Bergeys Truck Centers      
Berman Freightliner      
Bernards Truck Sales      
Best Deal Truck Sales      
Best Used Trucks      
Best Used Trucks of MN      
Best Used Trucks of Pa Inc      
Beverage Truck Pros      
Beyer Bros Corp      
Big Freight Systems Inc      
Big Rig Companies      
Big Rig Enterprises      
Big Rig Sales LLC      
Big Rig Truck Sales      
Big Rock Truck & Trailer Sales      
Big Sky Utility Trailer Sales      
Big Truck & Equipment Sales      
Bigfoot Enterprises LLC      
Bird Dog Trailer Sales      
Black Book Value Guide      
Black Hills Truck & Trailer      
Black Rock Truck Group of Branford      
Black Truck & Equipment Sales      
Blackmon Transport System      
Blackmun Equipment Used Trucks      
Blackwell Truck Sales & Parts      
Blue River Trucks      
Blue Star Motors      
Bluegrass International      
Blust Motor Service Inc      
BMS Trailer Leasing      
Bobby Gerhart Truck World      
Bobby Johnson Equipment Co Inc      
Bobby Park Truck & Equipment      
Bobs Truck Sales      
Boeke & Sons Truck Sales & Service      
Bonander Truck Sales      
Bond Equipment Co Inc      
Boomtrux, Inc.      
Border Truck & Equipment LLC      
Boston Freightliner      
Bouma Truck Sales      
Boyer Trucks      
Boyle Trucks of Fontana      
Boyles Motor Sales Inc      
Brechbuhler Truck Sales LLC      
Breinig Truck & Trailer LLC      
Brent Higgins Trucking      
Brians Fleet Services      
Brisbon Diesel Service Inc      
Broadway Sales Inc.      
Broadway Truck Centers      
Brody Trailer      
Brothers Truck & Trailer Sales      
Brothers Truck Sales      
Bruce Essick Truck Sales & Service      
Bruckner Truck Sales      
Bruckner Truck Sales of Amarillo      
Bruckner Truck Sales of Dallas      
Bruckner Truck Sales of Denver      
Bruckner Truck Sales of Hays      
Bruckner Truck Sales of Lubbock      
Bruckner Truck Sales of Tulsa      
Brunos Semi Trailers      
Bryant Motors      
Buckeye Western Star      
Bucks Trucks LLC      
Buddy Loper Equipment Co      
Building Supply Equipment Resources      
Bulldog Truck Sales      
Bunch Truck & Equipment      
Burchfield Truck Sales      
Burr Truck & Trailer Sales      
Burroughs Diesel      
Bush Truck Leasing      

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